Carburetter Tech Session 2015 Webb and Zimmerman


Text and photos by Ted Moorby
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Wednesday March 18th on a cool but clear evening, John Webb and Bob Zimmerman hosted a tech session on carburetors at the Mazda dealership on Waverley where John works. This event was well attended and by my count there were 28 AHCM and TDC memmbers anxious to learn more about keeping their LBC's running smoothly. Bob started off by explaining the principle on which SU, Stromberg and Weber carbs operate.

They both went on to explain and demonstrate what to look for when inspecting these carbs and how to repair them. Some of the more important points covered were: throttle shafts, needles and jets, float bowl needles and seats, dash pots and springs on SU's; and the diaphragms on Stromberg's. They sort of lost me when they started talking about Weber's. After an hour or so we finished up with beer, discussion and socializing. Thanks again to John and Bob for hosting this event and we look forward to the next one. As an aside, those new funny yellow licence plates allowed three owners of LBC's to enjoy an outing in their cars!