Fall Supper at Emerson, Manitoba, October 30th, 2016

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Photos and Text by John Powell
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The two Winnipeg British Car Clubs (Austin Healey Club of Manitoba and the Triumph Drivers Club) topped off the 2016 driving season October 30th with a Fall Supper Run to Emerson, Manitoba. We ended last season with the same run and, luckly, we had decent weather both years. It was cool andf windy but we did see some sun. John and Elaine Davidson were the only car to do the run "top down". "Wind Chill" dictated that one of the other cars go "top up". There were a total of 8 cars with 15 people. There were no two cars of the same modfel or colour which made for an interesting convoy along highways 267, 206, 52, 59, 201, and 200.

The group was led by the ":directionally challenged" John Powell who this year made the entire trip without a wrong turn - luckly when we reached Highway 59 there were signs pointing "south" and "north". Althought I been signaling I was goig to turn right - the south sign pointed left so I decided the people who put up the signs may have a better sense of direction than me so I just followed the sign and sure enough my GPS read south after I made the turn. I seem to recall not being so fortunate last year as I lead the parade - at the junction of 52 and 59 I turned north and the rest of the group decided not to follow, seeing the group was going in the opposite direction, I decided to turn and follow.

John had arranged for reserved tables and alternate parking in the case the street parking was full when we arrived. There was lots of room on the street so we were able to display our cars in front of the hall.

We had a great meal and it was a wonderful drive to end the season!