Mark and Ted's Annual Garage Tour
April 16,2016

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Photos and Comments by Jim Jackson
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Cold, rainy, windy Saturday on April q16th found a whole gaggle of AHCM and TDC members welcomed to Tom Struthers for a flowered and festive display in his Sowroom, and a Tim Horton's breakfast. We ran through the rain to our tour bus and headed out for many fine stops: Brazier Machine - wonderful machinery and an amazingly clean floor; House of Silver Plating a very informative presentation from Robert, the new owner; Red Bearing Automotive many five projects and a wonderful lunch -thanks Ted and Barb!; One of Ted' garages for a commentary on his '66 Morgan Drophead project - lots of wood and the unique suspension; a shared workshop on Higgins with some fine LBC's and an interesting MR2, very street-racy!; Wonderful visit to the "Fast Collection" - we were only the second group to ever be invited! This is an eclectic mix of American, British and German iron of all ages. Am impressive in-progress resortation of a Horch stands out in my memory!

Busing back to Tom's we found not one but three pots of Chili on the stove (vegetarian, mushroom-free and beef) and very fine accompanying treats all cooked by Tom's daughter and son-in-law.