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Historic Rallye of Monte-Carlo 2010
A slide show with 27 pictures
Photos and text by Richard Weide

The Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique is an opportunity to view a few of the British Marques that have been brought back to life and fitted for non Sunday driving. The spectacle brings together competitors from all over Europe.= Tradition allows a choice of starting points for each car. Barcelona, Glasgow, Oslo, Reims, Warsaw and Torino. Monte Carlo is the common point in the rally from where the only common legs of the rally are run.

The event caters to enthusiasts by allowing you to mingle with the drivers, navigators and the cars in the paddock. There is no charge and you can stick your head under the hood or into the boot if they are open. Cameras are welcome and the participants enjoy meeting folk who show interest. It may be a competition rally but the flavour is a social event.

You can inhale the vapours at the start gate as each car is launched for the first leg of the day. You can watch the cars as they cross the final line under their own steam, some limping, some smoking, some on flatbeds. You can help push the limping cars into the paddock and watch as the mechanical work is undertaken. The event timings are updated continually so you can monitor the cars as they navigate the course

For those who want a good meal or drink, the regular Monte Carlo restaurants are just a few steps away and the prices have not changed from the week before.