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Lanoway's BBQ August 2012, Ponemah Beach, Lake Wiinipeg
Photos by Brian Lanoway; and Text by Brian Lanoway and Jean Caron
A slide show with 7 photos

Thanks everyone for coming out to our Ponemah Beach BBQ on Saturaday 11th! Thanks even more for all the food that everyone brought. Our fridge is still full!! It was a glorious day; and everyone had a great time. We are looking forward to having the party again next year! Brian and Brenda

This event is becoming more and more popular every year. Members of the Triumph Drivers Club and the Austin Healey Club of Manitoba join to enjoy themselves at this event. The photos are:" An eclectic collection of British Iron"; "Total relaxation prior to the BBQ"; Ted Moorby explains to Stephen Carroll the real benefits of "driving" a Jaguar"; "Jan Carroll and Lousie Moore"; "Barry Howart and Norm Moore discuss the finer points of a cool pint"; Wanda and Tom Struthers raise a glass to our host"; and "Bill Sullivan explains to Jean Caron the wonders of an Irish brew while Al MacMillan looks on". Jean Caron .