Trip to Rydell Toy Store -Grand Forks, North Dakota
March 30,2016

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Photos and Comments by Jim Jackson
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Wednesday March 30th about five cars worth of LBC lovers headed to the "Toy Store", an adjunct of Rydell Chevrolet in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Those of us who cleared US Customs at Pembina had a 45 minute delay while one clever car, detouring 30-some miles to pick up precious goods at Menke's parcel drop in Neche cleared in 2 minutes and was the second car arriving for the excellent lunch and liquid refreshments at the Southgate Casino, Bar, Resaurant (Bingo Hall). Crossing the street to the Toy Store, we enjoyed the afternoon in their display area and shop. My favourites were the Locomobile ("finest car in America between 1915 and 1925") and the large metal-working equipment putting our members' grandest gear to shame. Unfortunately the Locomobile was hidden in a corner and the only good pictures were its twin distributors and a ring gear worthy of an ocean tanker. Finishing the day we dropped in at the Surplus Nut and Bolt store for a quick fix of exceptional and reasonably priced hardware before another prolonged wait to get back into Canada, in all a grand day!