Tech Session-Start Me Up -Engine Rebuild

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Photos and Comments by Ted Moorby
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Start Over

On the evening of Jan 13th we held another in a series of tech session that have been held in Rick Unruh’s wonderful garage. Previous tech sessions at Rick’s place included: ‘Start Me Up’ on starting up engines after they have been sitting for long periods of time, ‘Up In Smoke’ on LBC electrical challenges, ‘Front Suspension Rebuilding’ and ‘Giving You The Gears’ on transmission rebuilding.

We had 34 interested club members show up to observe, learn, socialize, add helpful comments, drink beer, heckle the presenter and generally have fun.

Our latest one tech session was titled ‘Start Me Up Two’ and was on rebuilding LBC engines.

We had three very similar 4cylinder wet liner engines, from Rick’s TR4, Rob Hawley’s TR4A and from my Morgan +4 at various stages of rebuild on display.

We started by going through some of the basics of how an engine works and what symptoms it might show when a rebuild would be required. Next we went over what tools and supplies you need to do the work including such things as: impact driver, bore scope, parts cleaner, torque wrench, ring pliers, ring compressor, cam bearing installation tool, stud remover, feeler gauge, pulley puller and a clean bright and spacious place to do the work [like Rick’s garage]. We then went through what to look for during the dismantling process and showed of some of the things like worn lifters, broken rings, and worn rocker shafts that we found during our rebuilds. Later we moved on to the reassembly stage and demonstrated how to check for things like ring gap, bearing clearances, thrust washer gap. Next we did a demo on installing a wet liner sleeve into a block followed by assembling a piston to a con rod, along with the rings, and inserting the piston and con rod assembly into the sleeve.

We finished the two hour session off by starting Rick’s finished rebuilt engine on Barry Payne’s well designed and built test bed.

Thanks again to everyone that attended and contributed to the evening and we are looking for suggestions for a topic for the next tech session.