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Text by Jean Caron and photos by Roger Morcilla

On Sunday, Sept. 11th a group of us gathered at the Esso Gas Bar at the corner of McGillivray and the West Perimeter for a drive to Wawanesa. The reason for that particular destination is that one of our former Club member, Vic Venier is laid to rest there and we figured it was as good an excuse as any to visit the town and check on Vic's gravesite.

The group was composed of four Austin-Healeys and one Lotus. Todd Chivers in his 100M, Roger Morcilla and Graeme Lowden in their BT7's, Richard Weide in his Lotus Eclat and myself in the BN6. We traveled west on Highway #2 all the way to Wawanesa, stopping for ice cream along the way and finally arriving at our destination a couple of hours after we started. Wawanesa on a sunday can be best described as a sleepy hollow, a very sleepy hollow. We walked around for some time, taking on the scenery, then went for a bit to eat at the local burger joint, giving them enough business for the day so that immediately after we got our order, they closed shop. Photos were taken in front of the Wawanesa Insurance Head Office then moved on to the local cemetery where Vic is laid to rest beside his wife. We spent a few minutes there and then planned our way back home.


We decided to make our way back by turning south on Highway #18 then eastbound on Highway #23, heading for Morris. Highway #23 has numerous hills and curves and is far more interesting to drive than #2. We also stopped in Miami, Manitoba where an Austin-Healey Club member from the British Columbia Club has moved to. He was not home but we were able to see his new garage with his yellow BN6 in there as well as an MGB he is working on. He also owns a beige MGA Coupe that is awaiting restoration. I talked to him a few days later and he informed me that he decided to put the MGA for sale.

From there we continued on #23 until the intersection to #3. We turned north on Highway #3 in the direction of Carman where we all stoped for gas. Since there was only one pump serving Premium, we had to take turns. I filled up first and then moved my car away from the pump to let others take their turn. Then another customer pulled in to fill up his van, briefly looked at the cars and then proceeded to slowly back into mine. Needless to say I was impressed by his driving habits, we exchange papers and were on our way. I was determined not to let such great drive being spoiled by that mishap, The car can be fixed and the damage did not hamper its operation. As Graeme pointed out before we left the gas station, perhaps my car was not visible enough, maybe I should think of having painted a different colour. The rest of the drive was thankfully uneventful and by the time we all arrived in Winnipeg, most of us had traveled about 300 miles, the weather was fabulous, a little hazy due to forest fires in Saskatchewan but a great day overall.