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Suggestions of Books for a Healey Owners Library
No specific order

Donald Healey: My World of Cars. (1989) by Peter Garnier with Brian Healey, Patrick Stephend Ltd., Haynes Publishing, Somerset, England. 216pp.

The Healey Story: a dynamic father and son partnership and their world-beating cars. (1996) by Geoffrey Healey, Haynes Publishing, Somerset, England. 200pp.

Healeys and Austin-Healeys: an illustrated history of the marque with specifications and tuning data. (1970) by Peter Browing and Les Needham, G.T. Foulis & Co.Ltd., Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, England. 316pp.

Healey: The Specials. (1980) by Geoffery Healey, Gentry Books, London, England. 205pp.

Big Healeys in Competition: Austin-Healey 100, 3000 and Jensen Healey in race and rally. (2006) by John Baggott, The Crowood Press, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England. 192pp.

Healey: The Handsome Brute. (1978) by Chris Harvey, Oxford Illustrated Press, England. 239pp

Original Austin-Healey: the restorer's guide to 100, 100-Six and 3000. (1990).by Anders Ditlev Clausager. Bay View Books Ltd., Bideford, Devon, England, 96pp.

Austin-Healey 100 in Detail: BN1, BN2, 100M & 100S 1953-1956. (2005).by Bill Piggott. Herridge and Sons Ltd., Beaworthy, Devon, England, 191pp.

Austin-Healey: a celebration of the fabulous "Big" Healey. ( Bill Piggott, Haynes Publishing, Somerste, England. 160pp.

Original Sprite and Midget: the restorer's guide. (2003). by Terry Horler, Bay View Books Ltd., Bideford, Devon, England (reprinted by Motorbooks International) 144pp.

Austin-Healey 100/100-6/3000 Restoration Guide. (2000) by Gary Anderson and Roger Moment, Motorbooks International Publishing Comp., Osceola, Wisconsin, USA, 192pp.

Austin Healey 100: the original 4-cylinder models. (1986) by John Wheatley, Haynes Publications Inc., Newbury Park, California, USA . 56pp.

Austin-Healey 100 & 3000, 10952-1968. (1992) by David McLavin and Andrew Tipping, Osprey Colour Classics, Osprey Publishing, London, England. 128pp.

Austin Healey 100/6 & 3000: all the big 6-cylinder models (1987) by John Wheatley, Haynes Publications, Newbury Park, California, USA. 56pp.

Essential Austin Healey 100&3000: the cars and their story 1953-67. (1998) by Mike Lawrence, Bay View Books Ltd., Bideford, Devon, England. 80pp.

Illustrated Austin-Healey Buyer's guide (1984) by Richard Newton, Motorbooks International Publishing Inc., Osceola, Wisconsin, USA. 135pp.

Austin Healey 100 & 100/6 Gold Portfolio 1952-1959 (1960) Complied by R.M. Clarke, Brooklands Books, Cobham, Surrey, England. 180pp.

Road and Track on Austin-Healey 1953-1970 (1987) Reprinted from Road & Track Magazine, Brooklands Books, Cobham, Surrey, England. 88pp.

Austin-Healey 100 & 3000 (1995) by John Heilig, Motorbooks Internation Publishing Inc., Osceola, Wisconsin, USA. 128pp.

Austin-Healey: 100 & 3000 Series.(1994) by Graham Robson, The Crowood Press Ltd., Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England. 191pp